Bachelor of Science
Business Administration


Siena College adopts a program that unceasingly aspires to achieve the goals of a Christian Education aimed at fulfilling the evangelizing mission of the church   “for the formation of the human person with respect to his ultimate goal and simultaneously with respect to the good of those societies of which, as a man, he is a member and in whose responsibilities, as an adult, he will share” (Vat II, Gravissimum Educationes No. 1)

The country needs future leaders of commerce and industry to responsibly marshal the resources of the community, promote economic growth, create gainful employment and equitably distribute income.

The main objective of the program is to form Christian business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and employees deeply rooted in Christ-centered spiritual foundations, by which they observe moral and ethical practices in business.

Specifically, the Business Administration Program aims to:

  • Form Christian managers and entrepreneurs who are just, humane and compassionate.
  • Develop graduates who are professionally equipped and globally competent.
  • Bridge the gap between theory and practice to meet the demands and requirements of business and enterprise.
  • Familiarize graduates with the latest trends and issues in the business world.
  • Uphold principles of morality and ethics in all business transactions, decisions and undertakings
  • Acquire a strong professional consciousness that will rise above the desire for profit and public esteem.
  • Promote economic growth, create gainful employment and distribute income equitably.

Serve as witnesses of Christian, Dominican and Filipino values in word and in deed, as they assume their roles in the business world.

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