Educators play a significant role in shaping the character of individual students and in fostering their academic growth. Furthermore, educators also serve as instruments in nation building. They share a great responsibility with the government of instilling in every student nationalism to effect change in our society. Transformation of society requires collective effort and it must originate from individuals with a strong motivation for change.
It is in this premise that Siena College Taytay (SCT), as a Catholic institution, addresses two basic concerns – excellence in education and values formation which includes love of God and fellowmen.
SCT College of Education shares in this institutional mandate. To further concretize these goals, BSE and BEED programs have the following objectives:

  1. provide the students with holistic education considering their spiritual, mental, physical, social and emotional well-being that is essential to meet the academic demands in college and the challenges in the workplace;
  2. equip students with technical knowledge, skills and values that they need to become effective educators in the workplace;
  3. instill the spirit of nationalism to make them responsive members of the community and responsible citizens of the country;
  4. develop a research culture and a great passion for assiduous study and scholarly research to help address educational concerns;
  5. develop civic/environmental awareness to help safeguard our natural resources against wanton exploitation of men.

News and Events

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