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Education has to be about excellence… If it is not about quality, then all our efforts, all our expenditures will have been for nothing because we will not only have blighted the lives of our students, but also damaged their ability to compete and survive in a world which does not owe us a living. – Kemp, 1992

If Siena College is going to send its graduates to an industry where excellence and professionalism are the by – words, then it is the institution’s task to equip them with the necessary gears to compete, survive and rise above others.

It is in this premise that the International Hospitality Management Program embraces the thrust of excellence – the same driving force that fueled the sustenance of the hospitality industry.  The program raises its bars – instructional, curricular and resource – wise to meet the standards set by the industry. Thus, in effect,  it maximizes the students potentials and equip them with the tools to withstand future challenges.

The program specifically aims  to:

  • Develop graduates who are professionally competent both in managerial and technical aspects.
  • Spearhead innovations that would meet the demands in the Hospitality Industry through the following:
  1. Instructional dynamics
  2. Provision of a state-of-the art training center
  3. Change in course nomenclature and implementation of the International Hospitality Management (IHM) curriculum.
  4. Development of  human   resources


  • Prepare graduates for local and international standards in hospitality industry operations.

News and Events

  • World Food Expo 2013
    September 17, 2013
    College of International Hospitality Management Some 78 freshmen and sophomore students of IHM program  went on an educational tour to the Mall of Asia where...