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Travel Management

The Department of Bachelor of Science in Travel Management aims to produce graduates who are competent and integrated persons. The school will offer subjects/courses from different disciplines which can facilitate total formation and professional readiness of these students.

Specifically, the Department aims to meet the growing demands of the industry, and the individual herself who wished to part of this change.

Being aware of the challenges that beset our young clientele, it is our vision to provide them with:

  1. A strong foundation of knowledge and understanding of the impact of Tourism to culture, environment and integrity of the people.
  2. An adequate skills training in technology used in the industry.
  3. A good exposure to actual developed and undeveloped areas for Tourism.
  4. A committed Christian Formation that will be part of their person so that they can create a better workplace and environment for family and society.

News and Events

  • World Food Expo 2013
    September 17, 2013
    College of International Hospitality Management Some 78 freshmen and sophomore students of IHM programĀ  went on an educational tour to the Mall of Asia where...