Research Center

Together with instruction and community service, research completes the soul of education. “One of the objectives of education is to advance the frontiers of knowledge through research work to improve the quality of human life by responding effectively to the changing societal needs and conditions” (2008 Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Institutions [MORPHE], p.9 )¹. Research therefore, is a vital function in any educational institution.

The Research Center was established in June 2001. At present, it is located at the Ground Floor of the Holy Rosary Building and is headed by an Institutional Research Coordinator. The center is tasked to pursue the school’s research objectives. It handles the overall research administration and implementation of Faculty and Student Research Programs.

The Research Center was established to pursue the research objectives of the institution in line with the Research Agenda of the Commission on Higher Education. It is expected to realize the vision and mission as stated and assist the administration in the sound implementation of its research – based programs .

Sr. Caroline S. Capili, OP – Director of Research and Student Services
Mrs. Maria Paz Rocillynd M. Macaranas – Secretary