Student Services


The Student Services is a group of collaborative Catholic Dominican Communities of the Siena College Taytay that delivers quality services and  advocates individual student’s welfare and well – being in support for quality and excellent education so that SCT’s graduates will be globally competitive and competently equipped to respond to the needs and challenges of the time.


The mission of the Student Services is to provide quality service to students through  support services to the Basic and Service Education Departments in the light of Catholic Dominican Spirituality, and uphold formation of globally competent Christians who are environmentally and socially concerned, technology enabled, research motivated, Marian inspired, and responsive to the changing local, national and international environment.



  1. To initiate innovative programs along the different units of the department and sustain existing relevant activities in order to effectively respond to the standards of quality and excellence.
  2. To undertake research and studies that respond to the needs of students and contribute to the improvement of services and instruction.
  3. To ensure just and optimal utilization of human and material resources in the fulfillment of the institutional goals for maximum productivity.
  4. To train competent Student Services Personnel and students who will become steward leaders for the Church and society.
  5. To nurture the Catholic – Dominican values as manifested in the life of congregation’s foundress:  Mother Francisca Del Espiritu Santo de Fuentes who have a special love and care for the sick, the poor and the young. To inculcate the values of truth, reconciliation, justice and peace, solidarity and integrity of creation.



  1. To create an environment in which all students can develop their maximum potential within the context of a Christ – centered education.
  2.  To provide a variety of physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, spiritual, technological, recreational outlets and programs in a positive Christian environment.
  3. To deliver services in a consistent and professional manner.