Health Services

The school health services of Siena college of Taytay participate in the healing and evangelizing ministry of the church, through a dynamic SCHOOL-BASED – PRIMARY HEALTH CARE PROGRAM, that respond to the preventive, promotive and emergency health care needs of the school community.

R.A. 951 mandates the establishment of school clinics for all public, private schools and universities in the Philippines to protect, promote the General wellbeing of the school population. This act has been expanded to include program on nutrition, drug addiction, Reproductive health and other laws that affect the health rights of children and violence against women.

School success and good health are inextricably link and the best health care for school-aged children, the youth and the entire school community is delivered where they spend the majority of their day-in school.

The Department of Health also mandated that all Institutions, the schools included should be a, “The Center of Wellness” thus, everyone is encourage to attain a maximum level of functioning, with the school health service leading the initiative.

As one of the student services, the health services contributes its share in the academic development of the school toward the formation of a competent and compassionate Christian believing in the tenets that “You cannot educate a child who Isn’t healthy, you can’t keep a child healthy if he isn’t educated”.

The Health Services Unit also spearheads the environmental program of the school through the Eco-Savers Program.

Sr. Salome Litigio, OP Coordinator and Nurse
Dr. Rosenie Franco School Physician
Dr. Sherisa Mamaril School Physician
Dr. Rocelyn Del Rosario School Dentist
Mrs. Florida Jose Nurse
Mr. Argie B. Dizon Nurse and Institutional