Institutional Sports, Arts and Culture

Siena College of Taytay seeks to develop the individual to become an integrated human being who is developed emotionally, socio- culturally, morally and spiritually in order to become a more effective and dynamic Filipino Christian living in truth, justice and peace. Consequently, as an integrated human person, Christ – centered community, apostolic proclaimer in word and in deed, personnel formation – service program and student – formation service program.

 As an educational institution, it is engage to develop its students’ potential and skills in any of its field of interest. The student activity program has its scope the totality of the co – curricular activity and extra – curricular activities. It is structured to give the students the opportunities to meet their religious, intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs according to their age level and gender. All the activities of the school and such are considered very necessary part of the school life for the total development of the students. Sports and arts are among that field where students can achieve its full potential ad eventually excelling on it.            

Mr. Jerome Mauricio. – Coordinator