Natural Science Laboratory

 One of the services being offered by the Student Services Division is the Natural Science Laboratories. This is the right place where scientific investigation and other experimental works and researches are performed to support the academics. It caters the needs of the students taking up Science Subjects namely: Health and Science IV, V, and VI, Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and College Natural Sciences and Sciences related to Nursing and Engineering courses. The students are using these laboratories to the fullest by conducting investigative activities and experiments in the laboratory that will encourage the students to think clearly and logically through scientific method, reinforce they knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in their previous science subject and help them properly prepare for higher science education or for the real practice of their course.

To serve the community better and to improve its function well, program budget proposal is being made annually. This program includes the proposals, projects, laboratory tools, equipment, teaching materials and additional first aid material for laboratory use for the coming school year. Trainings are continuously provided to the Laboratory staff, teachers and students in the field of science as well as necessary skills to handle emergency cases related to laboratory work.The main goal of the Natural Science Laboratory is always for excellence and to give the best service to the whole community.

Mrs. Marimay F. Lumaban  – Coordinator
Mr. Ariel Cervantes – Science Lab Technician
Mr. Joel Rubio – Science Lab Technician