Presidents Message


Dear Fellow Administrators, Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel and Pupils/Students.

What is about Christmas that makes it such a wonderful time of the year?

Our answers may differ, but the basis for our answers is the same.

As Christians we know Christmas is a time of miracles, home, love, and joy. All the things that make our lives so wonderful! How truly blessed we are!

Just as the Lord gave us the most wonderful gift of the birth of His only Son, we take this time each year to share the gift of ourselves with others.

As Christmas draws near, you might be thinking about what gifts you would like to share with special people in your life. Whether they have many earthly possessions or few, the gift of your prayer is a wonderful way to share so deeply with those you love.

Your faith, hope, kindness and love for others are truly the essence of your being, and what greater gift can you share with others.

May these gifts of faith, hope, kindness, and love be yours this Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas, Peaceful New Year
and Happy Vacation!!


Sincerely yours in our Lord,
M. Teresa E. Examen, O.P.

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